Contesting a will Victoria is not so challenging!

Victorian Legislations paves advantageous ways in claiming one’s rights irrespective of any disputes. Especially with disputes of estates raised after death of Will maker, Victorian Legislation helps its citizens to claim their property rights and rights they have on their deceased one. Still efficiency and knowledge is yet another concern for achieving your rights. Everything cannot be done by all. To claim your rights, you may need to hire an experienced and knowledged lawyer who provides good solutions. Even if the Will is made, there is a provision in contesting a will Victoria.

Changing Validity of a Will

Most common cases about challenging a Will include changing validity of a Will. If Will maker had no eligibility in making Will by the time it was made, Will becomes void. When there is an unequal distribution of shares with respect to assets then applicants can challenge a Will. What if the will maker is badly influenced by others while making Will and legal beneficiary is not included in the Will made? Do you think legal beneficiary has no rights to claim? Well, it’s not true. Legal beneficiary can contest a Will provided all his papers are genuine. Even a registered take carer can involve in contesting wills.

How to contest a Will?

First applicant needs a lawyer to defend on his behalf. Lawyer needs to provide “Obligation free Appraisal” where he needs to interrogate with the applicant so as to better understand what the basic issue with a Will is. If he feels the applicant is genuine and eligible in contesting a Will Victoria, then proceedings can be commenced. It is yet decision of court in accepting applicant’s request in challenging a Will. Court finds out relationship of applicant with Will maker and then proceeds with legislation. With efficiency of lawyer the needs and requirements of applicant taken into consideration, court will issue an order in changing a Will. However, court will make decisions in such a way that those who were mentioned in wills shouldn’t be affected. Court supports unbiased decisions. This should be supported by the applicant who is explained by lawyer hired.